Currently the following shirts:

Rated RM t-shirts
Future Missionary t-shirts

 are being sold for $15 each at The Missionary Depot in Murray, Utah and on their website

What if I want to pick up my shirts locally(Springville, Utah area) and I don't want to pay for shipping?

Email us at and we will be happy to work with you. If you order directly from the website, it will charge you shipping.

Shirt prices are as follows plus shipping and handling:

MENS Shirts:
Size                Price
Small              $19
Medium         $19
Large             $20
XL                  $22
2XL                $22.50
3XL                $23

Womens Shirt Prices:

Size:                     Price:

XS                        $20
Small                    $20
Medium               $20
Large                   $21
XL                        $22
2XL                      $23
3XL                      $23

V-Necks: Small-Large $22, XL/2XL $23
All LONG-SLEEVED shirts are $23


Size:                         Price:

Small                         $33
Medium                      $33
Large                         $34
XL                             $34
2XL                           $35
3XL                           $35

Prices for Shipping and Handling in U.S:

Shirt Quantity:                          Cost:
1-2 Shirts                                  $5.00
3-7 Shirts                                  $12.00
8 and up                                  $17.00

Shipping International:

Shirt Quantity:                          Cost:
1-2 Shirts                                 $13.95
3-10 Shirts                               $45.50
11 or more                               $58.50

Messages on Back:

One Line-$5
Two Lines-$10

Picture on Back-$10

Ways you can pay:
-Paypal (On How To Order page)...the preferred method
-Check-we must receive the check before we will make and ship the order. Email us at for further instructions.

All orders will be made and shipped 8 days or less from when ordered, and you can expect your order to arrive and in hand in 14 days.

Note:  Once payment has been made the shirt order will be shipped.

Want to Buy Wholesale?

Please contact us at if interested.

*Questions, comments, complaints, compliments, funny (appropriate) jokes? email me at