Friday, December 2, 2011

Zambia Lusaka Mission

Want Shirts/Hoodies for $5 Cheaper???

Here's what to do:

- Just leave a comment about how many shirts/hoodies you want for this specific mission at the cheaper price, and your email address. Once the # of shirts/hoodies reaches at least 20, we will then email you notifying that we have posted a checkout at the bottom of this post allowing you to order what you want at the discounted price. If you make a comment, then decide you would rather order the normal way, be sure to delete your comment so that we can have an accurate count.

Note: If you aren't in any rush to get mission shirts/hoodies, and would like them for cheaper, this may be a good way for you to get them. If you need them by a certain time, you can always order the normal way by ordering on the "Order Shirts and Hoodies" tab.


  1. my son doesn't get home till Sept. 2013 but would need about 5-10 t-shirts for Zambia Lusaka Mission if we can double up with someone else that would be great!

  2. I want two Mens medium shirts for the Zambia Lusaka Mission - and 1 womens medium v-neck - please let me know if you receive this
    Carrie Ketchum -