Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rated RM

Are YOU Rated RM???

We are now selling Rated RM t-shirts at 
The Missionary Depot in Murray, Utah. 
You can order YOURS today by going to their website:

Want a RATED RM shirt for just $10???

HERE Is Where to Order your Rated RM shirts for just $10!
Pay HERE for Rated RM shirts if you want them SHIPPED to you:


Pay HERE to order your Rated RM shirts and pick them up in Springville, Utah.



"Rated RM" will be on BLACK shirts.

Why "Under 19" instead of "Under 21"?

At first the design did say "Under 21", but then I realized that I personally know RM's who, at the age of 19, were honorably released from their missions due to health, mental, or other concerns. Yet, they are definitely still considered RM's, even though they may not have been able to serve the entire 2 year, or 18 month mission.

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